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Raymond NADER, President, VIC Art Club; Vienna International Center (2014-06-21)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Students Artists,

Today, we are gathering here at the opening ceremony of the Students Art Exhibition who present their Graduation 'bildnerische' Work.

At the outset, let me begin by extending a warm welcome on behalf of the VIC Art Club, its members of the Committee and the members at large, to all of you for joining us to celebrate this collective exhibition. 

It is a unique privilege for me to speak before this gathering today as the president of the VIC Art Club.

There is no better place to gauge the confidence and optimism of art than an exhibition like this.

But the future outlook is even brighter when you see such amazing work done by students… With you fellow artists I believe the real art still and remain in good hands and will grow even bigger.

I am looking forward to touring the exhibition a little later. In particular, I look forward to seeing the magnificent painted displayed with some beautiful extraordinary and spectacular pieces of artwork to enjoy, cherish and inspired by.

Ladies and gentlemen, staging this remarkable exhibition in the Academy demonstrates strong co-operation between ISSA and the International Community in arts and culture.

As we continue to make progress in this domain, and with closer cross-boundary collaboration, I look forward to more cultural exchanges between us and the Akademie für ganzheitliche Kunsttherapie.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Art finds its way forward by crossing boundaries; geographical, temporal, cultural and religious. Artists build on the works of others. Through the centuries Artists have made many valuable contributions to everyday life as well as to the development of societies.

Being the President of the VIC Art Club and as an artist is such an idiosyncratic thing that I do find it hard to advise young and fellow artists...

But if I had to, I would probably say this above anything:
As an artist you have to make up your own rules

For me personally this means continually stripping yourself back to an emotional place in which you are producing work that is true to what is most essential within you. This is often about getting past the cerebral and connecting to a place within your body or energetic self; a place from which the work can originate from.

In saying all this however I couldn’t encourage you more strongly to focus initially on developing skill sets. One needs to assimilate a broad knowledge of mediums, materials and techniques. Push the potentials of your mediums and within that process you will find what can be yours.

It sounds tough but if you can live without your practice, then live without it! I do believe that an artist makes work out of necessity, as an extension simply of who they are.

ladies and gentlemen,

In conclusion, my sincere appreciation goes to
Mag. Harald FRITZ-IPSMILLER for his valuable contributions to this event

I don't want to waste another moment of this opening, so please give an energetic welcome to our Artists.